Final year projects - Murad Banaji

I am happy to supervise across a range of themes broadly focussed on nontrivial questions in dynamical systems. The approaches can be both algebraic (for example involving the study of polynomial equations, or using exterior algebra); and geometric (for example involving partial orders and convex geometry).

I am also happy to supervise projects in related areas of pure mathematics.

Some project titles from previous successful project students were:

•  Some theorems which establish existence or nonexistence of limit cycles in the plane

•  Graph theoretic approaches to the injectivity of functions

•  Exterior algebra, compound matrices and their use in dynamical systems

•  Know your limits: a study into the structure of limit sets in discrete-time dynamical systems

•  Graphs and networks in biology

•  Modelling chemical reaction networks

•  On the maximal complexity of odd graphs

•  A review of the Riemann and Lebesgue integrals and their inverse operation

•  Asymptotic behaviour and bifurcation in biological models

•  The beauty of chaos: a study in discrete and chaotic dynamical systems

•  Networks, graphs and matrices