pretty thingUoP maths seminar (2013-14)

Unstable chimeras in networks of coupled oscillators.

Speaker: Jan Sieber (University of Exeter)

Venue: Wednesday 13th November 2013, 2pm, LG2.04a (refreshments provided)

Abstract: In a ring of non-locally coupled phase oscillators, one commonly observes a state of partial synchronization. (Strogatz coined the term chimera for this.) That is, oscillators in one region of the ring fluctuate chaotically and others move in synchrony to each other. As one increases the detuning (a system parameter) beyond a critical value, the state collapses to complete synchrony. In the limit of infinitely many oscillators this collapse corresponds to a saddle-node bifurcation. I will explore this collapse for finitely many oscillators and demonstrate that the high-dimensional chaotic system can be treated like a "saddle-node bifurcation with noise".