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Secularism and democracy are increasingly under attack in the subcontinent. Below are some alternative sources of information I consider helpful and reliable, connected with the history, politics and movements of the region. The list will grow periodically.

South Asia Citizens Web (SACW): a huge archive of material related to history/politics and social movements across South Asia. The site makes a serious attempt to be pan-South Asian. Around for more than a decade and frequently updated.

Communalism Watch: a long-running blog focussing on communalism (namely the misuse of religion for political purposes) in the region. The site collects articles from the press and independent contributions. Again, it has a huge archive, and links out to a lot of other useful material.

Kafila: an alternative news and media portal with the tag-line "run from big media". Although the emphasis is on South Asia, there are occasional contributions going beyond the subcontinent. Apart from analysis and commentary on current affairs, there is also art, poetry and humour to be found on the site.

The Hoot. India has a huge, and largely unregulated media, which has played significant positive and negative roles in recent times, including in some cases encouraging political violence. The Hoot makes an attempt to keep track of both macro- and micro-trends in the Indian media and beyond.

Narendra Modi and the Indian elections of 2014. The recent elections are dominated by questions around the rise of the far right. This site focusses primarily on the leader on the main Hindu Nationalist party, the BJP, who has now become India's prime minister.

Human Rights Watch Asia. With country-by-country reports for the whole of Asia, and a nice, easy-to-navigate website.

Amnesty International, South Asia. With frequent updates and alerts, and links to sites for each country.