Murad Banaji (personal homepage)

Murad Banaji

University of Portsmouth
Department of mathematics
Lion Gate Building,
Lion Terrace,
Portsmouth PO1 3HF, U.K.

  • WORKSHOP: CRNT Portsmouth 2014

  • Current research: I am interested in making claims about dynamical systems based on their structure, broadly defined as the partial information on what interacts with what and how. Work in this area interacts with diverse areas, including analysis, linear algebra, combinatorics, and differential geometry.

    A brief career history: In 2001 I finished a PhD in the maths department of Queen Mary , University of London, supervised by Paul Glendinning. After that I taught and did research, mainly at UCL, but with a brief spell at the University of Essex, until joining Portsmouth in 2010. I left Portsmouth in Dec 2015 to work at the University of Middlesex, but still hold a visiting position at Portsmouth.

    Other stuff: